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Is WiiU Exclusivity in Jeopardy for Bayonetta 2 and W101?

If you had happened to have seen my story yesterday about Rayman: Legends not being WiiU exclusive anymore, then you may be wondering about the future of other WiiU exclusive titles. 

We know that Ninja Gaiden: 3: Razor’s Edge is going multi-platform as well, so who’s to say that games like The Wonderful 101 or the highly anticipated Bayonetta 2 won’t do the same? 

It’s a tough decision for a company that wants to please as many of its fans as possible, without alienating others. This is a balancing act that is certainly happening over at Ubisoft right now.

I’m sure there’s a lot of WiiU early adopters, who bought the console for its exclusives, that aren’t happy right now; and there’s probably even more worried about Nintendo’s inability to hold onto the exclusives they do get. 

Well, it seems a lead designer from developer Platinum Games (the company producing Bayonetta 2 and The Wonderful 101) is here to ease your fears! The usually outspoken Hideki Kamiya had this to say via his twitter account:

“We’re a development company… Nintendo gives us money, we make Bayonetta 2 and W101, and they sell it… so if Nintendo says, ‘We’re putting Bayonetta 2 on [ps3 and 360] it’ll come out on those platforms… so ask Nintendo about it….”

This is what sets these two game apart from the rest. Unlike other publishing deals, Nintendo is completely funding the development of these two games. This completely secures their exclusivity until the day Nintendo decides it doesn’t like having exclusive content anymore, which is obviously never, because Nintendo likes making money.

However, maybe that could be the tipping point. If Nintendo has their hands in the making of this game, then they could stand to get a cut of the profits if they went multi-platform.  It’s tough to say whether good old Nintendo will cave to fan demand surrounding Bayonetta 2, but either way, we’ll all win as gamers.

Source: Destructoid