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Rumor: PS4 to be a “Nerve Center” for Home Entertainment

According to a Sony Computer Entertainment Employee who wanted not to be named, the new PlayStation will be pushed into the market as a “nerve center” for home entertainment.

Instead of focusing on its sheer power and the rumored killer hardware specifications, the PlayStation 4 will have “new playing options” as its primary selling point. The said new options would include connectivity with other devices like smartphones and tablets.

The source added that mobile devices would see to improved connectivity and the devices would include Xperia smartphones. Presumably other popular phones would make their way in as well.

Sony is expected to finally reveal their next-gen console during the PlayStation event being held on February 20. Another rumor on the web though notes that the reveal would only cover the hardware specifications. We would only get to the see the console itself during Sony’s presentation at E3 in June.

[via Nikkei (subscription required)]