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Revealed Counter Strike: GO Updates Bring New Modes and Steam Features

Valve conjured up some new update info on Counter Strike: GO, detailing updates such as Map Workshop, Control and Rooftop Control.

Map Workshop is an extension of Steam, allowing players to view, download and rate community created maps. Control and Rooftop Control are two new modes revealed by Valve.

In Control, you play a game not unlike Domination in Call of Duty — controlling captured map points and the ability to respawn. The game is over when a team uses up its respawns and runs out of lives. In Counter Strike, controlling points relinquish rewards enabling teams to buy health and weapons.

Rooftop Control, just as the name tells, is another mode about control. On a rooftop. Yes, Rooftop Control sees teams fight for control points against opposing snipers from an adjacent rooftop. Just like shooting fish in a…well, rooftop.

Only time will tell if these two new modes are added to the official Counter Strike playlist.