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New LoL Champion Revealed, Demacia!!!

If you own a PC and are a gamer, then chances are very high that you play LoL (League of Legends). This m.o.b.a (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game has captured the attention and imagination of the gamers like very few other games before it.

Now Riot has gone on and revealed another champion for the game to add to LoL’s already impressive champion roster.
It was none other than the senior concept artist, Iron Stylus, of Riot, developers of League of Legends, who made the announcement on the game’s official forums.
These were his exact words:

They are the legions of blue and gold. They are the beacons of justice. They bear the standard. They lead the charge.

Demacia has always stood a stalwart sentinel against darkness and evil, but the nation faces a world of new and terrible threats. They wield the sword and spear, marching against their foes in mighty numbers, but can an army catch an assassin?

Can numbers alone hold back spells woven in shadow and flame? With such vicious forces bearing down upon her doorstep, how will Demacia endure?

The answer is simple: a new champion approaches.

She is a new kind of hero, one of new mind and new method. One who can go where armies cannot reach, where swords cannot clash.

This is her story. Her worth will be tested, her ways will be questioned, but she will forge ahead. Honor guides her path. Justice steadies her aim. Valor is the only ally she needs.

This is all well and good but seriously will we have another champion in the game who would yell Demacia every two seconds?