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Diablo 3 Sells Over 12 Million Copies in 2012

The figures for the fourth quarter are in and Blizzard reports over 12 million sales for their big 2012 release, Diablo 3. The title was a commercial success with over 6.3 million sold copies just in its opening week.

Their other big release of 2012 was the World of Warcraft expansion titled Mists of Pandaria. The title scored the third position in the best-selling PC games list at retail.

World of Warcraft player base saw a drop from its peak of 12 million in 2010 to 9.1 million before the big release. Moments after the expansion launched the player base climbed up to the 10 million mark. Blizzard saw a successful year overall, raking in $1.768 billion.

Blizzard’s net income also increased by over 250 percent, making this their best year yet. All this too amongst heavy competition from heavyweight titles such as Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 which was the best-selling game of 2011 and Halo 4, which brought in not only commercial success but also critical acclaim.