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Dead Island Riptide Armored Truck To Be Featured At Various Events

The people behind the open world zombie killing role playing game, Dead Island Riptide, failed to connect to their audience with the semi-naked corpse bust but they haven’t given up hope.

Professionals over at Xquiste have dressed up Ford Ranger as a armored Dead Island Riptide truck featuring armored windows, a mounted mini-gun and spiked tires. The whole process of customizing and bringing the truck from design to reality has been recorded in this two-part Youtube video.

Dead Island Riptide – Making of Armored Truck Part 1

Dead Island Riptide – Making of Armored Truck Part 2

With a collaboration between the creators of the truck and the game’s publisher Deep Silver, the truck is due to arrive at different locations which have not been revealed yet. Part of the promotion is that whoever finds the truck and uploads a picture of it on twitter with the #RiptideTour hash tag will be able to win Dead Island merchandise.

Dead Island Riptide comes out in North America this April on the 23rd for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.