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Redbox Instant Comes to Xbox Live

Ah, rentals. The landscape may continue to change, pushing BlockBuster and the likes out of our lives, but the rental itself goes nowhere. People just don’t want to buy things all the time. We get it.

Redbox definitely gets it. And now Redbox is getting something else — people who don’t want to buy things sometimes also don’t want to leave the house to rent things. Enter: Redbox Instant. And what better home for Redbox Instant than Xbox Live?

Currently, Redbox’s instant offering is in public beta form, which you can access through the Redbox site. Signing up for the service sends you an email detailing how you can access the service on Xbox Live in the “coming days,” as an official release has not been unveiled.

Redbox Instant works similar to Netflix, and costs $8 a month for the standard DVD plan; $9 a month for the Blu-ray plan. Both five you unlimited access to streaming and four one-night rentals at any Redbox kiosk.

Source: Game Informer