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PS4 will cost 400 USD and Feature Cloud Streaming

February 26th is set to be a red letter day for gamers everywhere as the widely suspected unveiling of the Playstation 4, and with the date only two weeks away rumors have cropped up about some of its features.

Citing Japanese-language newspaper Asahi Shimbun, The Verge has reported that the PlayStation 4 will release in the US and Japan during 2013, and will cost roughly $400. This is significantly cheaper than the launch price of the PS3, which cost about $600 in the US and Japan, £425 in the UK and a whopping $1000 in Australia.

The paper also confirms the rumor that the PS4 controller will include biometric support in the form of a rear touch pad similar to the one on the PS Vita, and will be the same size as the Dualshock 3.

A second report by The Nikkei Business Daily claims that the PS4 will include integration of Gaikai’s cloud streaming service, a company which Sony bought out for $380 in mid 2012.

This is all speculation of course, as Sony has stated that they do not comment on rumors. So I guess we’re stuck twiddling our thumbs for the two weeks to the announcement date.

Source: Nikkei & The Verge