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Gamestop DLC Card Listings Reveal Release Dates

Gamestop has been selling their popular DLC cards for a while now and some card listings on Gamestop’s website may reveal future DLC release dates.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2’s “Revolution” DLC is slated for later this month on February 28th, which just so happens to be a month after the map pack appeared on the Xbox.  Dead Space 3’s “Awakened” DLC is listed for a March 12th release date and seems to fit in with EA’s launch window. 

They’ve also listed a Season Pass for Aliens: Colonial Marines priced at $29.99 but doesn’t have anything solid on a release for it.

Keep in mind these are all rumored release dates based on Gamestop’s card releases, but these tentative release dates are hardly ever wrong.

So what do you guys think?  Will you be picking up these DLC packs on day one or will you be holding off and waiting for confirmation?

Source: PSLS