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David Cage Argues for More Real World Experiences in Games

Over at D.I.C.E., Quantic Dream’s own writer-director-visionary David Cage had some choice words for the video game industry.

Cage, the man behind Heavy Rain and the upcoming Beyond: Two Souls, gave a speech titled “The Peter Pan Syndrome,” in which he discussed industry-wide mistakes regarding the maturity of video games and measures we (enthusiasts, writers, developers, publishers) could take to improve the industry.

“We make the same games over and over,” Cage said. “The lack of innovation is an issue for any industry. We need to find ways to reach a wider audience. We need to move beyond our tradition market which is usually kids and teens. Think about your friends and parents who don’t play games.”

Cage discussed the need to move away from the violent aesthetic and challenge, toward games that prompt a more emotional response from its audience. Cage is arguing for games to move us in mature ways film and other art forms move us, without always falling back on cheap thrills. “Can we create games that have something to say?” said Cage. “Can we create games with meaning?”

Over the course of the last year, we’ve witnessed a changing landscape in the industry, from the journalism and criticism to the kinds of games being released and getting attention.

It’s a wonderful thing, and our beloved industry is still not without its problems — welcome to puberty, video games.

Cage also argued for “all real world themes,” as games have a distinction of transporting us into different worlds unreflective of ourselves. Mattie Brice recently wrote of a similar thing, pointing out her disconnect with military shooters in comparison to her own struggles as a transgender woman of color. Cage wants games that accurately reflect reality, so that “by the time you turn off the console, it leaves an impression.”

Source: Game Informer