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Civilization 5 Lead Designer Starts His Own Studio Conifer Games

Jon Shaffer, the Lead Designer and Principle Gameplay Programmer of the popular turn-based strategy game, Civilization 5, has started his own game studio.

Shaffer decided to start his own studio, Conifer Games, and release a 4X turn based strategy game. He is well known in the strategy games circle because not only has he worked at Firaxis but also at Stardock. Taking inspiration from Sid Meier, the game is titled “Jon Shaffer’s At The Gates”.

The setting of the game will be the fall of the Roman Empire where you will lead your own barbarian kingdom to fill the power vacuum left over by the crumbling empire. You will be up against other kingdoms with their own plans to ascend to power as you struggle to find resources and survive in a hostile land.

The title is a kickstarter project with an aim to raise $40,000 in a month’s time and at the time of writing $22,819 have already been raised.