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Black Ops 2: Retailers Post Dates for Revolution DLC for PS3 and PC

Black Ops 2
It’s finally time for the PS3 and PC players of Black Ops 2 to get their hands dirty in the Revolution DLC.

Retailer listings suggest that the DLC pack is scheduled to arrive on the said platforms by the end of this month. GameStop US has dated the expansion pack to hit the PS3 on February 28, while Amazon has marked the pack to reach PC on March 1.

Treyarch and Activision have yet to announce any official dates for the Revolution pack but it’s safe to say that the retailer’s listings might hold true.

Black Ops 2’s first expansion pack was already released on the Xbox 360 last month. Considering the exclusivity timeline for previous products, the PC and PS3 are most probably going to receive their share of the pie after a month. Hence, you better start oiling those weapons soldier.