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Video game Sales Drop 9 Percent from 2011

According to the NPD group, a total of $14.8 billion dollars were spent on video games in the last year. The report, including rentals and used games, as well as digital, details amounts spent on these specific categories, which is down from the $16.34 billion spent in 2011.

The reports shows that $7.09 billion were spent on physical copies of videogames, not including the $1.79 billion on used and rentals, and $5.92 billion on digital, including DLC, subscriptions, mobile and social network games.

As stated earlier, the numbers are down from 2011’s numbers, but the digital sales actually increased by 16% in 2012, up from $5.09 billion. Physical copies were down 21%, from the $11.25 billion in 2011. Overall, the total fell by 9% in 2012.

How do you think videogames will fair in 2013?

Via: Game Informer