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Saints Row 4 Coming In August?

THQ may have been dissolved but that little thing ain’t stopping the Saints Row franchise. In fact, if some reports are to be believed, then we may see a new Saint Rows game on current-gen consoles in August.
The design director of the original Saints Row, Chris Stockman, told this to IGN through twitter:

hey just to let you know word around the campfire is SR4 is shipping on current gen consoles in late August.

IGN followed up this bit of information to the new Saints Row IP owners, Deep Silver, who clarified that they were still working on timing of Saints Row 4 with Volition, and they haven’t announced anything regarding the platforms of the game yet.

Keep in mind that if this turns out to be true, Saints Row 4 won’t be the only criminal sandbox, open world game to come out this year. There is another game called the GTA V coming just after a month, in September.