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Rockstar Hints an “Extensive Pipeline of Unannounced Titles” for Next-Gen Consoles

Rockstar’s announcement of delaying GTA V to September raised a lot of questions; mainly over the prospect of the game being readied for next-gen consoles or if the game was good enough as it is on current generation?

Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take Two responded to such comments by saying that fans would be greatly impressed with what they have come up with. Whether the game would see a release on the next-gen consoles or not; Zelnick gave a vague response.

During a financial chat Zelnick told investors: “There is not one gamer who is going to sit out of GTA V hoping that something that is going to come along down the road that’s better. It’s going to blow everyone away, and it’s going to be in the market in September.”

Last year Dan Houser, co-founder of Rockstar stated that they feel very few limitations on current hardware and can still do an impressive job. That said, Rockstar has also been confirmed to be working on a next generation engine of their own.

Zelnick said Take-Two is “extremely well positioned” for next generation gaming as and when it goes public, thanks to “strong owned intellectual property, strong creative teams in-house, strong technology, and a strong balance sheet.”

“We really can’t talk about next gen, because we’re not the ones who can talk about it first,” he warned, but hinted at an “extensive pipeline of unannounced titles.”

[via CVG]