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Metal Gear Rising Unique Weapons and Unmanned Gears Trailers

Konami has released yet another set of trailers for their upcoming Metal Gear Rising game, showcasing even more gameplay. These two trailers, titled Unique Weapons and Unmanned Gears, show us some of the new weapons that Raiden can pick up as well as some of the enemies that he’s be dicing up with them. You can watch them below:

The three new weapons look pretty awesome, the Pole-Arm weapon look great for when you’re fighting hordes of enemies at once due to it’s amazing speed, range and area of effect while the Tactical Sai increases Raiden’s mobility by a significant amount.

The Pincer Blades just look ridiculously overpowered, a couple of swings and everything in the room is missing their torso.

The second video shows us more of the unmanned gears that will be the enemies in the game. The two legged Irvings have great mobility and can hook you from afar to bring you in, while the apelike Mastiffs just bulldoze you into the ground where they wail on your face with their massive arms. There’s also the Raptors and the Grads but the video does a pretty good job of showing you what these do.