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Battlefield 3 Premium Members Get Premium DogTags

Over on the old Battlelog, DICE has announced the bonus content drop that’s now out for Battlefield 3 Premium members.

It’s none other than a set of new gold-plated dog tags!  These dog tags look pretty well made and will surely be worn by every MLG Pro Battlefield player.

While I can see some people getting disappointed with it, I think it’s a pretty cool perk compared to the usual high-res wallpaper or fancy artwork.

While the dog tags do look cool, this isn’t exactly why Battlefield 3 fans shelled out $50 for more content, which is why some players might not be so excited about some small pieces of metal. The players look for excellent expansions that just get better with each release and the tons of new content each one provides.

For Battlefield 3’s last expansion called End Game, DICE is bringing back Capture the Flag and Air Superiority to the Battlefield franchise. This highly anticipated expansion is set to release next month.

So what do you guys think about DICE’s bonus content drops for Battlefield 3 Premium?  Should they do more things like the dogtags or just stick to the digital content?