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Arkane Working on Next-Gen First Person Title, Could be Dishonored 2

Dishonored 2 being developed on next-gen hardware? oh happy days.

A recent job posting suggests that Arkane Studios are working on a first-person title for the next-generation platforms. The listing asks for applicants to have a “passion about first person immersive games” and later hints on their title of having RPG elements.

A spot for a senior engine programmer reads: “Answering to the Technical Director, you will adapt, maintain and optimize the code for PC and next gen consoles.”

Last year Bethesda regarded the excellent reception of Dishonored by saying that “we clearly have a new franchise”. This almost guarantees a sequel to the game and perhaps we might be getting it as well. However, for all we know Arkane might be working on something different.

We recently gave Dishonored our Game of the Year award for 2012, so you know we would love to slip our hands once again into velvet gloves for a sequel.