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Sony Have PlayStation Vita Sale To Celebrate Its First Birthday

Well, the PlayStation Vita is fast approaching it’s first birthday and Sony feel like celebrating in the best way they can!

Starting tomorrow, on February 6, the First Birthday sale begins and it goes on for a full two weeks to February 20th. This means the sale will end right before the worldwide release for the PS Vita of February 22nd and passes through North America’s debut of the First Edition on the 15th.

The EU PlayStation blog has already revealed a full list of games going on sale and just how much those games are being cut by. The sale’s already looking good with up to 50% off a number of Vita games and anyone with a PlayStation Plus subscription gets even further discounts. You can pick up games like PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale for the low price of £15!

If you’re wary of buying anything in case it might end up as part of the free games available to PlayStation Plus subscribers in the March update, Fred Dutton from Sony has already confirmed that none of these will be in the next rotation.

There’s some choice games in there, like All-Stars and BLAZBLUE: Continuum Shift. I know I’m gonna buy Touch My Katamari and Street Fighter x Tekken the first chance I get.