Planetside 2 Patch Fixes Many Broken Mechanics

If you’re a regular player of the MMO shooter Planetside 2, then you’ll no doubt know of several common exploits that many players can take advantage of. Well, in the latest Planetside 2 patch Sony is making some changes to address some of the issues.

The patch will decrease the amount of spawn camping that is rampant in the game, by giving newly spawned players a few seconds of invulnerability. Also, killing a player within 10 seconds of him spawning will only get you 25% of the XP reward.

Aside from that, the Planetside 2 patch fixes the spotting exploit players were using by mashing the spotting key while targeting the horizon. Now, if nothing is spotted, the spotting key will go on cooldown, and you need to target more precisely for a proper spot.

There are new weapons too: armories for the Terran Republic, Vanu Sovereignty, and New Conglomerate all receive new SMGs for short-range, rapid-fire skirmishes: the SMG-46 Armistice, Eridani SX5, and AF-4 Cyclone, respectively.

You can check out the full notes for the Planetside 2 Patch here.