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Ouya Available For Pre-Order On Digital Retailers

We have been hearing a lot about the android powered Ouya console ever since its success on kickstarter. Today, the console is finally available for pre-order.

The console will be sold on digital retailers such as Amazon, Gamestop, Target and Best Buy for a hefty price of $99.99 (console and controller). The Ouya Chief Executive, Julie Uhrman answered questions in an interview with Wall Street Journal, revealing some of the details behind the upcoming release.

The controller will also be available for purchase at $50. The console will finally hit the stores in June and pre-orders will be shipped out in April. The Kickstarter backers will also get their hands on the console next month in March.

The console has already got an impressive list of titles with 24 confirmed launch titles including the Square Enix backed port of Final Fantasy 3.

The console has been one of the most successful kickstarter projects, receiving up to 68,000 backers.