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Microsoft Deny Plans for Halo Games on Steam

The company shoots down the rumours that the first Halo trilogy would be released on Steam.

Rumours have been spreading recently that a large list of console titles would be re-released via Steam, the rumours themselves spouting from a list of various console games that now had apps on the Steam store. The rumours eventually made their way to Microsoft themselves.

Microsoft were quick to deny the claims, stating that there weren’t any plans for re-releasing Halo 3 or any of the titles.

We currently do not have plans to release any Halo titles on Steam

What’s strange about this is that Valve thought ahead enough to at least create a database entry for Halo 3 on Steam. Whilst they’ve been known to do this occasionally for non-Steam games in order to allow those games to use the Steam interface, it doesn’t seem that this is the case since Halo 3 was never released on PC at all.

Considering the lack of PC port for the title, why would there need to be a Steam database entry for it at all? Maybe if Microsoft don’t have plans right now, they do have plans in the near future that they’re not letting onto yet. The first two games are already available on PC, which explains the entries for those at least.