Half-Life 2 Mod Allows Motion Tracking Support

The Half-Life modding community is perhaps the most dedicated modding community, so with the upcoming Oculus Rift headset; it was only time till a motion tracking Half-Life 2 mod showed up.

Nathan Andrews integrated the Source Engine with motion tracking support and when the Oculus Rift finally comes out, it will only require a bit of tweaking to provide full support.

The tracking was done by using two Hilcrest trackers for the head and weapon. These are the same trackers “that John Carmack used for the Doom 3 BFG demos of the early Oculus Rift prototype.”

Here are some of the features as posted by Andrews:

  • 3 DOF true headtracking (not mouse emulation) + a head/neck model for some basic translation
  • Transparent HUD that fades in when relevant information changes (taking damage, reloading etc)
  • You can lower your gun (“use” key can toggle it as well as many of the actions like sprinting, picking up items, etc) because constantly having a gun in your face (when you aren’t fighting) is an immersion killer… This also hides the crosshairs so there’s effectively no HUD
  • Removed all head kicks from both user weapons and enemy attacks (like getting hit in the face with a CP baton)
  • Full support for custom tracker orientation
  • Support for gamepad / mouse turning in addition to the tracker yaw
  • An installer (**when selecting the installation directory, point it to you “Steam” folder)
  • Independent 360 degree weapon tracking with a second tracker
  • Custom sensor fusion for Hillcrest (the out of the box one is awful)

He also provided a link where you can download the mod.

Although the Hilcrest trackers are held by tape and the game being played is over 8 years old, one cannot help but get excited about the future of immersive headset technology and of course a bit of nostalgia and an itch to play Half-Life 2 again.