15 Minutes Gameplay Footage Of Day Z Standalone

Day Z’s project head Dean “Rocket” Hall and production assistant Matt Lightfoot have released the first video blog for Day Z, the stand-alone game.

The video is fifteen minutes long and in it, the pair explains a lot of things we can expect to see in the final product. The topics they touched upon were new clothing, loot and spawning systems. Furthermore, they also show some new maps in the footage.

Keep in mind that this video is from a game which is in very early stages of the development process; you are bound to see some changes made from here till its release.

As far as the release date is concerned, the developers themselves have no idea when they will have finished product ready. This is what Dean Hall had to say regarding the release date matter:

We don’t know. We’re going to take our time. I feel fantastic about the situation; more than ever I feel like we’re doing something really interesting with this development. Now is not the time to rush things, but we do need to ensure our pace is kept up.

For me, they can take as long as they want as long as they don’t end up making the same atrocity as War Z!