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Prey 2 Reveal On The Horizon?

A countdown website named Alien Noire has popped up, and it may be signaling the reveal of Prey 2 on March 1st. Last time we heard of Prey 2 from Bethesda was only when they confirmed that it was not cancelled. Since then they have been pretty hush, hush about it.

The site first appeared with the source code that featured the words Prey 2, Bethesda Softworks, and Hothead Studios. However, they have been removed but not before a NeoGaf user had already spotted it.

The site uses a pretty weird, South Venusian font. By looking at the registration details of the site at we can see that the site was registered by a private registration owner with the name of “The Collective” and with a Tahlequah, Oklahoma address, which happens to be next door to the Cherokee Tribal Administration.

Furthermore, there is a phrase in the site’s source code which states, “Tommy needs your help.”

All these facts point to a Prey 2 reveal on the 1st of March. Let’s just hope that this indeed the case since very little information has been given out regarding the title from when it was announced back in 2009.