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Naruto Storm 3 Gameplay Videos – Plenty of Them

A shrewd Youtube user by the name of ‘Mr Yokito85’ has been able to obtain a great deal of gameplay footage of Naruto Storm 3 (also known as Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3). Furthermore, he has wasted no time in uploading all of them to the website so everyone can see them.

The new gameplay videos showcase the Jinchuriki fighting amongst themselves. One video shows us Yugito Nii, the two Tailed Jinchuriki, against Naruto. Also revealed are fights between Yagura, Fuu, Han, Roshi, Utakata, and Killer Bee.

Completing the compilation of gameplay videos are ones that showcase battles with Yugito, Mifune, Naruto, and Sasuke.

All the reveals seem to come from Sayanisland, and the people there are doing well in keeping up with the development of the game.

The game is releasing in the US on March 5th and in the UK and Australia on March 8th. It will release for both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

Source: Sayanisland