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Getting Prestige in Black Ops 2 Without Killing Another Player

Do you think you’re up to the ultimate challenge of maxing out your Prestige in Black Ops 2 without ever killing another player?

If you’re familiar at all with¬†Call of Duty: Black Ops II then you’re probably familiar with the multiplayer and the ranks therein. Part of those ranks is the elusive (and prestigious) Prestige levels, ten of which exist and the last one lands you the title of Prestige Master.

Now the easiest way to rank up and gain your Prestige levels is to win multiplayer games, clear objectives and generally kill other players. It turns out though that you can avoid that last one and earn Prestige levels without every having to kill another person in the game.

Sounds impossible, doesn’t it? Well, there’s a Reddit user who doesn’t think so and he’s already well on his way to it. ¬†

SilkyMuscles, as this user’s handle goes, revealed his Call of Duty Elite stats via screenshot earlier and you can see his very impressive 0.00 Kill/Death Ration. His Score-per-Minute is a meager 131, but that’s backed up by a 100% Win/Loss ratio.

There’s already a number of ideas on how best to accomplish this feat. Many people who are taking this challenge have made suggestions for loadouts, such as EMP grenades with riot shields and Perks like Blind Eye or Engineer.

It’s all about survival rather than killing power. You’ll still have your guns of course, but you want to be using that to shoot opposing C4, claymores or other equipment so that you can net yourself some points.

You’ll need to stay away from games like Team Deathmatch, but it’s been suggested that gamemodes such as Hardpoint and Domination if you’re attempting this challenge.