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GameStop Hires Zynga GM To Run New Indie Mobile Game Initiative

GameStop has announced a new foray into the prominent world of Mobile Gaming and have put together this new program in order to help promote indie developers in their creation of free-to-play titles for mobile devices.

The new program that they revealed today is a multi-pronged one that looks to support indies on various levels, including a $10 million fund that will support those developers who are struggling in their endeavors.

The Kongregate Mobile Developers program, as it’s called, is structured for the indie devs who need the extra push. The program not only helps struggling developers, but it also works with those who are more stable.

The newly re-designed GameStop app is one of the first things on the program and it’s been retooled to help promote those indie titles. Not only that but GameStop has put together a consultation program for those developers who are seeking a bit of advice or just figuring out where to go with their projects.

GameStop have appointed Panayoti Haritatos as overseer of this new program, and some people may recognize his name as being the CEO of a developer called Urbansquall which was purchased by Zynga a few years ago.

Haritatos and Urbansquall were quite famous for a series of flash games that could be run on your desktop computer. Haritatos himself had a lot of good things to say about Kongregate.

“Developers are increasingly finding it harder to get their games discovered through the different app stores. I personally faced these challenges in 2009 while managing my own game studio. Utilizing the Kongregate platform made my games successful, which ultimately led to my studio being acquired by Zynga.”

Any developer who’s interested can apply themselves over at the official website. The program is open to many devs and is looking to offer the assistance that they need in any way that they can.

The Android/iOS app has been rebuilt to help promote indie games so that even if developers don’t require financial assistance, it’s still a good idea for them to get on board with Kongregate.