Developer Video for Capcom’s “Remember Me” Showcases the Score

Capcom has released a new video about upcoming game Remember Me, which examines the music in the game. The video introduces several people who are working on the game’s score, including one of the composers, Olivier Deriviere.  

Deriviere talks about the decision to make the music less powerful and over the top like it is in games like Call of Duty, and to make it “softer” to help the player feel closer to Nilin. Deriviere, who lives in Paris, also talks about the city in Remember Me and we get to see more of the Neo-Paris that will feature in the game.

An incredible orchestra has been brought together to play the score for the game, but what we hear in Remember Me will be electronically manipulated.  John Kurlander, recording engineer, tells us this creates a unique sound that fits well with the imagery of the game.

At the end of the video, we finally get to see quite a bit of footage from the game. So even if you’re not particularly interested in how the composers are trying to make the music improve the player’s experience, you should at least check out the video for the extra clips.

Remember Me is due out this May and it’s shaping up to be an amazing gaming experience.