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Capcom Reports Rise in Profits Despite Poor Reception of RE6

It comes as a surprise but Capcom has confirmed their profits to have risen to 44.6% in the last nine months. This news follows a rather poor reception of their latest Resident Evil title released last year.

For the period ending on December 31, 2012; the total sales rose to 72,699 million Yen (44.6%), while operating income increased to 9,838 million Yen (45.9%). Additionally, ordinary income jumped to 10,054 million Yen (72.6%), while net income rose to 6,645 million Yen (10.4.9%). The figures have been stated when compared to the same term of the previous year.

Resident Evil 6 saw to a net sale of 4.8 million during this period. Despite good initial sales, the game failed to follow up in the later months.

Despite recording brisk sales when it debuted, subsequently lost its momentum, resulting in the failure to achieve planned sales and fulfil its role as a driver of sales expansion.

Capcom pointed out that another factor of the slow sale was because of the success of RPG Dragon’s Dogma, which “enjoyed popularity exceeding expectations in the more profitable domestic market, becoming a million-seller unprecedented among recent new brand games developed and published by the company”.

The publisher added that their Monster Hunter 3 title for Wii U has already registered 7.2 million social game members in Japan and has enjoyed steady growth in its home market.