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Black Tusk Studios Working On Four New IP’s

Last year we heard and reported the news that Microsoft Vancouver changed its name to Black Tusk Studios and is working on a new space action shooter that could be “the new Halo”. It turns out, however, that Black Tusk Studios is not just working on one new video game title, it has been working on four new IP.

This news comes straight from the LinkedIn resume of the Senior Product Manager/Product Planner at Microsoft’s Vancouver branch, Jonathan Browne. In the resume Browne states that he has been the “primary product manager on four unannounced new IP” and has been a force behind bringing these IP from the “concept phase through green light to production”.

Microsoft was pretty successful with Halo 4 but only time will tell how these new titles will fare and how they will define Black Tusk Studios. Given that these are all first party AAA titles one can’t help but feel excited. Although Microsoft hasn’t brought its titles to the PC audience, this might change that because there is no news as of yet whether these are Xbox exclusives.