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Akaneiro Reaches Kickstarter Funding Goal

Developer Spicy Horse has finally hit its Kickstarter funding goal to deliver the “most complete version” of Akaneiro.

Even though CEO American McGee confirmed that free-to-play browser based RPG was indeed completed on time and on budgit; the studio nevertheless started a Kickstarter project in an attempt to raise $200,000 which would help them bring out “the most complete version of the game”.

That figure was reached today where 2,681 backers raised a total of $204,680.

Spicy Horse said that the additional funds would help thm bring out the game on Android and iOS as well. Additionally the studio will be able to add more features, such as co-op multiplayer, equipment crafting system, additional dungeons, more abilities and even more items.

The fund raising also ensured that a Linux version of the game would release in March of this year. That said, an other project which included an Ouya version of the game fell short. The studio posted on update on their Kickstarter page regarding the Ouya release:

This doesn’t mean that Ouya won’t be coming, it simply means we can’t keep a dedicated team on the project right now. But, with the hopeful success of Akaneiro, we’ll be able to in the future. Akaneiro is not the only game we want to port to Ouya so this is a priority for us.