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Street Fighter X Tekken: Character DLC Finally Releasing for PC on Wednesday

Capcom has announced that the character DLC pack for Street Fighter X Tekken will be released for the PC this Wednesday on February 6. For the first two weeks of its launch, the DLC will be available for a discounted price of just $4.99 down from $19.99.

The DLC contains 12 new characters which were originally added to the console version back in July of last year. The slashed down price is a token of apology from Capcom to the PC community in light of the DLC’s late release on the said platform.

Additionally the firm also confirmed that development of version 1.08 also know as “Ver. 2013” is currently ongoing for the PC but for now they don’t have a specific release date in mind.

Capcom once again reminded the community they are “aware that the DLC for SFxTK has taken longer than usual to be released and [are] working hard to try and reduce the amount of time you will have to wait.”