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Devil May Cry Patch Update for PC Addresses Multiple Issues

Devil May Cry on steam is getting a new patch update that addresses a number of issues on the PC version of the game. The patch update also includes some changes that affect gameplay as well.

The first and most important change that PC owners are going to be happy about is that the patch update fixes the health reset bug on the final boss in mission 20. Aside from that some of the weaker enemies have been buffed up a big so they deal some more damage.

The patch update also makes it so when you enter Angel or Demon mode in the same frame as pressing an attack button it will now apply that mode to the attack. The refresh rate now correctly displays current value, and the sound bug affecting the Kicker move at 75+ FPS has been fixed.

Some more changes include the demon evade, green orbs and the SS/SSS rankings. The demon evade now gives a smaller style and damage boost while green orbs will now only spawn when Dante is below 50% hp. Lastly, your SS and SSS rankings will degrade to S through inactivity.

You can read the notes for the patch update here.