Wii U on Sale – $50 Off At Costco

If you live in the US and haven’t already purchased the latest Nintendo console yet then I have some good news for you. It seems that Costco has put the Nintendo Wii U on sale.

The membership warehouse club is offering the Deluxe Wii U set at $300 down from $350 and the Basic Wii U set at $245 down from $300. This is a discount of $50 and $55 respectively and is very likely the best deal you will see on the console for a good while.

Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata has already said that there will be no official price cuts on the Wii U which means you probably won’t see a better deal anywhere else. If you’re not a Costco member or don’t know anyone who is, you can still order from their website but then they’ll add a 5% surcharge to the order so you won’t benefit as much.

The Sales for the Wii U have not been as good as the company had expected, they’ve had to repeatedly lower their sales forecast till March from 8 million to 5.5 million to 4 million. Costco is probably trying to boost sales with this move.

Source: Costco