Deadly Premonition Creator Teases Where the Series May Go

Deadly Premonition is one of those cult favorite survival horror games that wasn’t very well received by the general public, but has a fanbase that is rabid about the universe and the story. So those will be the people who are most excited that the creator Hidetaka Suehiro has said he plans to do “something” with the property.

Suehiro told The Playstation Blog that’s he’s “in discussion” with co-creator Tomio Kanazawa about the future of Deadly Premonition.  “It may not be Deadly Premonition 2 but it’s definitely something.” He said in the interview. 

“At the moment we’re talking about how it might be interesting to set the game in Europe and have it be in a rural setting like the first game.”  He relates that to where he’s currently lived for years. “Hitchin for example.  I’ve lived in Hitchin for many years as I’ve been working with Rising Star Games. When I first started living there, there was no entertainment – I could find nothing. But I have come to love it over time – so I recommended it to Swery,” he said.

Suehiro also told the Playstation blog that apart from Deadly Premonition, he’d like to make something episodic. “Like a TV series, where each instalment is unique and interesting and makes you want to play the next one,” he said. It could be affordable for players, but would make them want to play more. Something like that.”

He was immediately asked whether he meant something like Telltale’s The Walking Dead series, Suehiro agreed.

“Yes. I liked it because it gave players choices – often ethical choices. I like that aspect in games,” he said.

The Deadly Premonition Director’s Cut is due in April, exclusively for PlayStation 3 and is sure to drum up interest in Suehiro’s ideas.