The Wizard Radagast Being Added to LOTR MOBA Game

The Guardians of Middle Earth roster grew a bit larger on the Xbox 360 today as Radagast the Brown was added as an additional playable character. 

Those of you who made it out to see The Hobbit this winter will remember Radagast as that really crazy guy who rode around on a sled being pulled by giant rabbits. Also, he had an absolutely disgusting pile of bird poop in his hair. Sounds like my kind of guy!

Anyway, now Radagast can be added to your squad of heroes, providing an array of powers that draw on various parts of nature. One spell I noticed in this reveal trailer was one that summoned a bunch of ravens to attack your foes, which sounds pretty cool.

Those defending Middle-earth (or destroying it if that’s what you’re into) can download this latest hero right now on the Xbox and get to casting all sorts of new spells on their quest for victory.  If you’re playing on the PS3, however, his tentative release is listed as “soon”.