New MMO Wizardry Online Launches Today

There’s another Free-to-Play RPG joining the crowded MMO market today: Wizardry Online from Sony Online Entertainment.

Developed by Gamespot Incorporated, it will contain a bunch of features.  Some of these features will be terribly familiar, while some will be interesting to say the least.  The common ones start with the various massive dungeons with a variety of traps and powerful monsters out to stop you from nabbing their precious loot.  Next is the common races like Elf, Human, Gnomes, Dwarves, etc.

along with customizable skills that allow you to cross paths with another class; a fighter who can sling spells, or a rogue who can actually fight one on one.

The interesting features of Wizardry Online are where it may be set apart from the other MMOs out there.  First is the “Lost System” which works whenever your character dies in game.  You’ll need to “donate” to revive your character and if it’s a poor donation, the revival may fail. 

If you fail twice, your character is permanently lost and unplayable forever. The upside is you’ll get to keep the experience you had from the “lost” character and roll it into the new toon. So, getting “lost” isn’t entirely bad and could keep the game fresh if you grow tired of your current character.

Maybe PvP is what you live for in these games? Well Wizardry Online has a system just for you called “The Bounty Hunt” system. You can be deemed a criminal by killing and robbing other players of rare items and those victims can then place a bounty on your head that bounty hunters can collect for getting revenge in their name.

These features seem to create a very interactive world with lots of options for players of all kinds, so head on over to the Wizardy Online website and sign up if you’re interested!