High Octane Excitement in Battlefield 3’s Capture The Flag Mode

DICE show off the Capture the Flag gameplay for Battlefield 3 and it looks like you’re going to have to put the pedal to the metal if you want to keep up.

The trailer above is the gameplay premiere of Capture the Flag mode in Battlefield 3 and trust me when I say: It’s fast. When DICE revealed the return of Air Superiority mode yesterday, we expected a focus on vehicles but this trailer today was a little out of the blue.

Capture the Flag is now all about vehicular combat, by the looks of things. It’s not just a case of running into your opponent’s base to steal their flag and carry it a hundred feet to your base, it’s now about getting it several miles as fast as possible.

There’s a lot of good gameplay footage of the new dirt bikes that are coming in the End Game expansion as well as a huge, death-defying high speed chase that I certainly hope will be part of many Capture the Flag games once the expansion is released.

The trailer shows a small team of men capturing a flag and then escaping to an armored transport so they can get out of dodge, only to be chased by many enemy players on dirtbikes and in a helicopter. There’s a lot of high speed combat going on, it’s definitely worth checking out.