Final Instalment for Battlefield 3 DLC Brings Back Air Superiority Mode

The fifth and final instalment for Battlefield 3 DLC is bringing back the classic Air Superiority gamemode. End Game, as the DLC pack is appropriately named, is set to launch in March and the most recent description of the product confirmed that we’d see the return of Air Superiority.

Originally a gamemode for Battlefield 1943, the World War II based title, AiR Superiority was a aerial mode that focused on the dogfights between fighter planes. Your team had the simple task of destroying enemy craft so that you could secure the local airspace, all the while trying not to get destroyed yourself.

The trailer for End Game teases us with new vehicles such as the anti-air vehicle and the dropship, suggesting that there might be more focus on flight in this expansion. Also coming back is the ever-classic Capture the Flag gamemode which hasn’t been seen since Battlefield 2: Modern Combat. The four new multiplayer maps in the pack are sure to make that a lot of fun.