Blood, Guts, and Forlorn Romance All in the Dead Space 3 Story Trailer

The story trailer for Dead Space 3 is as dark as you might expect of the series, this time to paint a picture of things to come. Dead Space 3 is really driving the story forward with our protagonist, Isaac Clarke, heading to the frozen tundra of a planet that is Tau Volantis.

Setting a stark contrast to the settings of the previous games in the series, Tau Volantis has many secrets of it’s own, and many horrors. Clarke will team up with his new partner, John Carver, to battle against the Necromorphs on the planet as the Unitlogist try to capture the Marker on the planet for their own nefarious deeds.

If you don’t want to hear any more spoilers, then you might want to avoid the story trailer above. However, if you’re eager to hear more about what’s coming then I’d advise you check it out ASAP because this trailer will have you begging for more.

Dead Space 3 isn’t just about the story though. A number of new game modes are entering the fray so that you’ll want to replay it time and time again.