Pachter: GTA V Release Date Will Be Announced Next Week

While Rockstar has pretty much muted themselves regarding an exact release date for the new GTA title, industry analyst Pachter believes that the date would revealed next week on February 5. The announcement would be part of publisher Take-Two’s fiscal 2013 Q3 results.

In a Q3 Preview released to investors, Pachter wrote:

Grand Theft Auto V’s release date remains elusive, frustrating shareholders.

TTWO initially provided FY:13 EPS guidance in excess of $2.00″ in May 2011, a strong indication of GTA V’s release, but conceded that it would not ship in FY:13 last August when it lowered EPS guidance for the year to $0.00 – 0.20. Investor confidence appears shaken by repeated, unexpected, and unjustified swings in profit and loss. If Rockstar is ready to confide in Take-Two management, we may learn the launch date next week.

That said Pachter predicts the release date to be in May. February 5th is just around the corner and we’ll know for sure how accurate Pachter’s predictions are.