Far Cry 3’s Vaas Mods His Way into Liberty City

So have you ever been playing Far Cry 3 and wondered what it would be like if that evil pirate lord Vaas had his way with GTA’s Liberty City?

Well, modder wapeddell has made these pipe dreams a reality with his new mod for Grand Theft Auto IV.  This mod completely reskins main character Niko Bellic with a very impressive, high quality, bump-mapped texture. 

Now, to run this mod you’re going to need some heavy hardware, especially if you’re running other modifications like custom cars or the ever popular graphics overhaul.

If you’d like to check out some examples you can watch the video and see the “faux Vaas” in action.  Or if you want to add in the madman’s favorite punching bag, Jason Brody, there’s also a mod for him as well which is also available from Mr. wapeddell over at the GTA4 Mod website here.

The video game modding community continues to make some incredible content and it’s only going to get better.  What are some of your favorite game mods? Let us know in the comments!