Dead Space 3 Day One DLC Teased

Dead Space 3 is fast approaching, and its executive producer Steve Papoutsis recently blogged about what his team has in store for you in day one DLC and more:

“A lot of folks don’t know that when a game “finishes,” it’s actually out of our hands for a few weeks while it goes through manufacturing,” said Papoutsis. “So what does the Dead Space team do during that time? Well, we play the game a LOT. But we also continue to make kick-ass content, so DS3 can be as awesome as it can be on launch day!”

First up on the list of day one DLC are new suits: Marauder, Sharpshooter and Tundra Recon. Each suit has custom skins and are designed to be collectibles for DS3 co-op. Papoutsis also talked about DS3’s scavenger bots, which are “autonomous robot[s] that can harvest resources for you and deliver them to the Tool Construction bench”.

Scavenger bots can locate Ration Seals which can be exchanged for Resource Packs. Although you can also choose to purchase Resource Packs as DLC right away.

Papoutsis also revealed that Dead Space 3 will have four unlockable game modes — New Game+, Classic Mode, Pure Survival Mode and Hardcore Mode. In New Game+, you begin a new game with all your upgrades and weapons from your previous play through.

Classic Mode is single-player only, uses classic aiming and all weapons must be made from blueprints. Pure Survival Mode values resource management, meaning that enemies only drop resources, without an ammo, health or weapon parts. Hardcore Mode gives you a single life for the entire campaign.