Black Ops 2: Weapon Double XP Weekend Announced for Xbox 360

The Revolution map pack was released yesterday for Black Ops 2 and the included bonus Peacekeeper SMG is probably in the hands of every man, women, child and bunny on the battlefield.

With everyone gunning hard to level up their Peacekeeper, one has to think if there is an easier solution? Well there is and it’s coming your way this weekend.

Treyarch has announced a double XP event this weekend which will help you earn double the amount of XP on all weapons. Hence, unlocking attachments is going to feel a breeze now, or at least until the event is live.

Starting on Friday, Feb 1st (10 am/PST) and going through Monday, Feb 4th (10 am/PST) you will earn Double Weapon XP on all weapons. Double XP allows to level up and unlock attachments at twice the usual rate,

For now the double XP event is just for the Xbox 360 players. I can safely say that a similar event will take place for the PS3 and PC players as well once the Revolution pack gets released on the respective platforms.