The Replacer – Official Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Video

The release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2’s first map pack is upon us and with it’s striking five new multiplayer maps, the pack also comes with a couple of additional surprises. This is going to be the first time that a Call of Duty DLC has included a bonus weapon for the multiplayer battlegrounds. The list of contents just doesn’t end there as there are two extra helpings for fans of the Zombie mode as well.

The Revolution Pack is an insane offering from Activision to its consumers. Consider productivity to go down at your workplace by a marginal percentage, as they too take time out to enjoy the latest content.

The Revolution pack comes bundled with five brand new multiplayer maps, one of which is for the game’s Zombie mode.

Downhill (French Alps)
It’s highly unlikely for anyone to not fall in love with this map. As the first snow-capped map for Black Ops 2, Downhill has players fighting it out on the ski slopes of the French Alps. While the map provides great advantage spots for snipers and ambushes, players must avoid the moving hazards of the mountain’s gondola system as well.

Grind (Venice Beach, California)
A skate park will act as the battlefield for players here. Comprising of mostly half-pipes and curved ramps for skating, players must adapt to the unique settings and find new ways to overcome the enemy.

Hydro (Pakistan)
As the name suggests, all the action will take place on a hydroelectric plant that comes complete with a waterway. During the match players must not only keep their eyes out for enemy soldiers, but also the flood gates. Activated at random, the flood gates of the hydroelectric plant may open, sending out a gush of water that will wash away any players in its path.

Mirage (Gobi Desert)
The harsh nature of the desert will take its toll on players as they move through what was once an ace luxury resort but is now ravaged by menacing sandstorms. The sands of the Gobi Desert will provide players with a large terrain that comes with sand dunes for covers and indoor environments for close combat.

Die Rise (Far East)
In the ruined skyscrapers of a ravaged Chinese city, a new zombie infestation is spreading. Armed with a more powerful arsenal of weaponry, players who decide to enter the red zone will have to try their best at surviving.

Turned (New Game Mode)
Fans of the undead can now finally be a part of their horde. In this new mode players will take on the role of the undead and go on a rampage in trying to wipe out a lone human in the map.

Peacekeeper SMG (Bonus Multiplayer Weapon)
Inclusion of the weapon marks it as the first time that any previous Call of Duty DLC has offered a weapon. The Peacekeeper SMG is supposed to be a cross between a SMG and an Assault Rifle. The powerful weapon will be accompanied by its own set of weapon challenges for additional XP.

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