Steam Only Continues to Grow Larger

Everyone I know uses Steam in one way or another; be it for casual or competitive free-to-plays, cheaper PC gaming, or hat collecting.  I’m sure these people tell others and they tell even more and the brand grows and grows. 

This would be why PC Gamer reported today that the Steam service logged a gigantic 300% growth rate of concurrent users last year.

Just last Sunday, for example, 6.6 million concurrent users were online, compared to 5 million the same time last year. The 6 million threshold was broken in November, meaning Steam is now growing by 300% the speed it was last year. 

Games like DOTA and Team Fortress 2 have a good amount to do with the growth with 237,414 players and 75,000 players respectively.

Now it’s tough to say how many of those “concurrent” users were active, but it still says a lot about how beloved this Steam platform is and how viable a Steam console could be in the future.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some Steam games to play.