Scott Pilgrim Game to Finally Get More DLC?

Any readers out there remember the Scott Pilgrim versus the World game that Ubisoft released in 2010?  It was a side-scrolling beat-’em up in the same vein as River City Ransom and Double Dragon.  Well if you don’t, go download it and play it again because it was fantastic!

Shortly after release, we got a DLC pack in the way of a new playable character Knives Chou and a couple little mini-games.  Soon after that, Ubisoft announced another DLC pack but it never saw the light of day for one reason or another.  While author of the comics, Bryan Lee O’ Malley, denied that it had been completely cancelled; we still never saw any word of a release date.

Until now, 3 years later.

Major Nelson has posted a February 6 release date for the add-on, which includes a playable Wallace Wells character and the long awaited, should have been in the game to begin with, online multiplayer. It’s listed at 160 Imaginary Microsoft Points (or about $2 if you work with real dollar amounts).

So will we finally see this glorious DLC or will it get cancelled again?  Only time will tell.  I’ll be picking this game back up in anticipation at any rate.