Ouya Developers Make 166 Game Prototypes In 10 Days

Recently, Ouya developers in partnership with Kill Screen held a 10-day “game-jam” event called, CREATE. For those of you who are not familiar with it, a “game-jam” is an event where artist and developers get together to create one or multiple games in a short amount of time.

The developers of Ouya managed to make 166 game prototypes in just 10 days! Out of these 166 entries, only a few will be chosen as finalists and given awards. The judges’ panel includes the likes of Phil Fish, creator of Fez, and Felicia Day of The Guild, among others.

A grand prize of $25000 is set for the winner of this game-jam event. The finalist will be announced on the 11 of Feb, and the winner will be declared on the 18th of Feb.