Europeans Criticize Wii U Virtual Console

With the release of Balloon Fight, the first Wii U Virtual Console game, it has become apparent that Europeans are getting an inferior version. While their Japanese and American counterparts are running at 60hz, the Europeans are stuck with a 50hz version of Balloon Fight.

As you can see in the video above, the 60hz version plays much better. The reason for this, is because in the 80s and 90s games released in PAL regions suffered from black borders that reduced the play area, slowing the game down by 17.5 percent.

With the advent of HD gaming, there’s simply no reason for the gamers in in the PAL regions to be getting inferior products. As a result, a petition has been started, which you can find here:

Even if you’re not in PAL territories, you should help your fellow gamers out by signing the petition. Since the full Wii U Virtual Console service doesn’t start until spring, there is still time for our voices to be heard.